VLOG 1:Following My Dreams

Dreams never die…

So today I turn 25 and I decided to upload my first video back since I originally started my YouTube channel in 2012. I’m not sure I really knew what I was tapping into when I first started. I had initially come across some videos from @beautybyjj and was immediately engrossed. Shortly after, I noticed that one of my close friends @glambyvee started her own channel. This was when it got personal and I realised that it was something I could do too.

I don’t even specifically remember what my first video was about, I think it was a ‘Get Ready With Me for Uni’ tutorial, but I definitely remember how happy I was making it and how happy I was sharing it with the world. I was also really encouraged by the fact that my videos were getting a lot of support. My videos were getting so much support that it didn’t take too long for my mum to hear about it and you know what Nigerian parents are like, LOL!

My mum wasn’t having it!!! She felt I was over-exposing myself to the world. She felt I would lose my focus as I was still in my first year. I felt she was killing my dreams and stifling my future. But God knows best and mothers usually know best too… In reality, she was preserving my dreams because now I’m older and wiser I feel I can properly utilise these increased levels of exposure as I follow my dreams. Truly, dreams never die! Its been 5 years since I deleted all my videos and in all that time, the dream to make a career out of this just hasn’t gone away.

Back when I first started, I had just properly tasted freedom for the first time. I didn’t know myself and what I was really trying to do my life, my brand and the exposure I was getting. It wasn’t until my final year at uni I even properly realised where I was heading with my legal career, talk less of where I was heading with my creative career. I mean, when I started my Tumblr, I was branding myself as a ‘Freelance Makeup Artist’ LOL. How myopic of me! In hindsight, I’m grateful for my mums restraint.

Now I feel like I’m truly ready to follow my dreams. I realise that BTY can be multi-faceted, just like me and just like transformation. Transformation is both internal and external. Internal transformation is spiritual, intellectual and emotional while external transformation covers things like hair, beauty, fitness and style. BTY is going to be about my internal and external transformation #beautyandbrains

My dream is to transform lives and the hope is that as I share my personal journey, others will be inspired to transform their own lives. Bigger picture, I intend to combine my passions for human rights and media to make a real difference in the world #TheButterflyEffect

Sometimes God holds you back temporarily until the road is safe and clear to continue. Be thankful for the stall!

So the #LifeLesson from VLOG 1 is to trust the process of growth and never give up. If God has really planted a dream (and purpose) in your heart, that seed will never die. Just do your best to stay on track and trust that things will fall in place.

I can guarantee that tapping into my life is going to be very interesting 😉 so stay tuned. Im back and I’m better!

New posts every Tuesday #TransformationTuesday

Butterfly, Transform Yourself…

Lots of love,

Aku xoxo

Welcome! Butterfly, Transform Yourself…

How can something as beautiful as a butterfly have started off as a caterpillar? I have always clung to that thought and believed in the power of transformation.

5 years ago, I opened a Tumblr account, Butterfly: Transform Yourself, without really realising the potential impact it could have. I was focused on makeup, beauty and the power of transformation, but as I began sharing my journey, I realised that there was more to what I was doing: I’m not just trying to transform lives externally, I’m also trying to transform lives internally.

I’m not just trying to transform lives externally, I’m also trying to transform lives internally.Akubeze Okocha

Butterfly is my transformation journey. The external transformation is obvious – I love makeup, hair, fashion and fitness, and a butterfly girl is a girl who slays in all those categories. Yet, true beauty is from within, and I cannot stress the importance of internal transformation enough. I’m not a health/beauty/lifestyle professional, but I am authentic about my own transformation journey, and so my hope is that as I share my story, others can be inspired to transform their lives into whatever they want.

In Conclusion

Beauty is all around you so why not embrace it? You can better your life and transform yourself into the person you want to be. It’s all up to you! But for some inspiration and motivation, stay tuned to my journey 😉 . #transformyourself #butterflygirls. For more regular updates, follow me on Instagram/Twitter: @akubeyy or add me on Snapchat @akubeze.