My 21 Day Transformation

Hey Fam!

In this vlog series I take you along with me through the journey of Intermittent Fasting for 21 days.

Most of the information is in the video below

But I decided to exclusively post what I ate on the website so you know exactly how I achieved the transformation. 

PS don’t judge me some days were better than others (some were outright horrible lol) but overall I’m glad I did this because I underestimated the power of food journalling

Day 1

2.40pm – Salmon, egg and lettuce wrap

5.20pm – Granola and Yoghurt

Day 2

2pm – Green smoothie made with spinach, strawberry, cucumber, peach, apple and lemon

2.30pm – Quinoa and Shrimp stir fry

7.30pm = Spinach and Salmon tossed in palm oil

Day 3

1.15pm – Smoothie (made with avocado, cucumber, grapes, apple, strawberry, peach) and granola bowl

2.20pm – Titus fish and Jollof Rice

7.26pm – Salmon

Day 4

2.55pm – oats with milk and honey with ginger tea

5.39pm – Quinoa and shrimp stir fry with chicken cutlets

Day 5

1.45pm green smoothie with lettuce, apple, strawberry, peach

3.07pm – Spaghetti jollof with prawns

7.30pm – Granola and yoghurt

Then I fell off 😩

Day 6

12.19am – Hot n Spicy pringles *small pack*

2.44pm – usual smoothie but I replaced peaches with pear

2.53pm – leftover spaghetti jollof

4.27pm – Titus fish and ripe plantain porridge

Day 7

1.40pm – tuna, sweetcorn and mayo sandwich 

5.00pm – Banana bread and coldstone chocolate ice cream

Day 8

12.30pm – Quinoa and shrimp stir fry with pork cutlets

3.44pm – granola and yoghurt

8.00pm – Goat meat Sliders, pap and shrimp akara from Nok (sorry not pictured)

Day 9

2.02pm – moin moin and mackerel fish from Nok (sorry started eating before I remembered to snap

6.30pm – Granola and Yoghurt (pictured after mixing)

Day 10

1.46pm – shiro lunch date

7.46pm – Mackarel from Nok with watermelon slices

Day 11

3,16pm – tuna, sweetcorn and mayo sandwich 

7.19pm – chocolate muffin and greek yoghurt with apples, bananas and peanuts

Day 12

12.09am – pretzel crisps and slimming tea 😩

1.44pm – carrot, apple, strawberry and pear smoothie

1.50pm – ripe plantain porridge and chicken cutlets

6.15pm – coldstone vanilla ice cream with chocolate brownie

Day 13

1.33pm – smoothie with grapes, apples, peaches and strawberries

1.37pm – Shiro leftover 

7.05pm – my nephews left over yam chips (only had like 5 I just couldn’t resist lol)

7.38 – left over shiro chicken sauce with broccoli and cauliflower

8.29pm – another sneaky snack Lord help me… Maryland chocolate chip cookies and chocolate banana loaf

Day 14

3.27pm – Indomie and Egg stir fry (I cant come and kill myself) with iced coffee

4.30pm – Mini loaf of heaven carrot cake (2)

Day 15

2.02pm – Nuli chicken wrap and that morning kick cold pressed juice

3.00pm – Nuli dream cold pressed juice

3.05pm – strawberry fruit roll up

4.45pm – mini loaf of heaven carrot cake (2)

7.00pm – My nephews left over strawberry and apple smoothie with a Belvita soft bake

Day 16

1.16pm – Nuli spice root juice

3.33pm – belvita soft bake and iced coffee

4.11pm – spicy shrimp and veggie stir fry

Day 17

1.00pm – green smoothie (as above)

1.50pm – 3 nutella cookies

2.12pm – Salmon and salad with blue cheese dressing

6.17pm – Banana and peanut

10.13pm – sky flakes crackers

10.34pm – Indomie and egg (my fav pick me up 😩)

Day 18

4.49pm – green smoothie (as above)

5.15pm – yam porridge and chicken breast

Day 19

1.24pm – green smoothie (as above)

1.41pm – Tuna sweetcorn sandwich

6.03pm – Jollof quinoa, korean fried chicken, calamari salad

Day 20

5.19pm – Chicken republic chick wizz and fried chicken wings

Day 21

4.18pm – Jollof quinoa and korean fried chicken

Looking through what I ate for the 21 days, I’m quite disappointed with what I used to fuel my body, so I definitely intend to keep up with the intermittent fasting and hopefully I’ll be able to update you with better progress results in the near future.

Love always,

Cab Conversations: Xenophobia and the future of Africa

Hey Fam!

If you saw my last post, you’ll know I had a really fun time in Capetown but also I wanted to make sure I specifically shared the conversation I had with some Uber drivers about xenophobia and the future of Africa.

The video kind of speaks for itself so please watch till the end and let me know your thoughts.

Love always,


Travel Series: PNA Capetown Trip

Hey Fam!

I know these videos are late but I figured it was better now than never. 

When I worked for Play  I was opportune to have gone on a work trip to Capetown, South Africa. The trip was meant to be for the Africans Unite tour

but unfortunately the concerts had to be cancelled

However, as bookings had already been made, we still ended up going on the trip and these videos show you what I got up to while we were there.

The first part of the series is kind of a prelude to the trip because I spent a few days in Lagos before we actually set off to Capetown, so this is what I got up to during those few days. 

In the second part, I show you what its like to fly with Ethiopian Airlines from Lagos to Capetown. As it was a work trip I didn’t book the flight myself so sorry I can’t give you details about prices and all. 

Because I didn’t make the booking myself, there were also a few surprising things I experienced and one of them was spending the night in Addis Ababa

In the fourth part, I finally get to Capetown and I show you what I experienced landing in South Africa for the first time. 

In the fifth part, I really started enjoying SA and I show you some of the fun activities I got up to while I was there. Honestly I couldn’t even believe all of this was in Africa.

In the sixth part, I take you along with me to the Play Yacht party hosted by some of the Play Management Signees.

In the seventh part, I show you one of the highlights of the whole trip

Im glad I got to end my trip on a high. But in the eight part you also get to see some things I learnt to be more mindful of as I was leaving SA

And in the finale you get to see some of the things I learnt to avoid in Addis Ababa. 

Overall I really enjoyed the trip and I’m so grateful for the experience. I hope you enjoy the series despite and I’d definitely recommend that you visit Capetown is you haven’t already.

Below are some of my Postcards.

Love always,


Travel Series: Christmas 2020

Hey Fam!

I know these videos are terribly late but I figured it was better now than never. Its always a fun time going back home to Portharcourt, Rivers State and I hope you feel as good as I felt editing, while you’re watching especially since we’re all stuck at home till further notice based on the COVID 19 pandemic.

In the first part of the series, I take you along with me to the Plugged Music Festival. If you’ve been following me for a while then you’ll remember I took you along with me to the first ever edition of the show in 2018

In the second part, I take you along with me to a pool day at childhood friends house. I also take you with me to Sweet Tooth, the best ice cream place in Portharcourt. Please be sure to patronise them if you’re ever in town, trust me you won’t regret it!

In the third part, I take you along with me to our annual Christmas lunch. My family is a legal family and so sometimes we get into random ‘arguments and debates’… lol What do you think about the debate in this video?

In the fourth part, I take you along with me to the Rich and Famous party by Mr Jollof in Warri, Delta state. Warri isn’t too far from PH so we went on a road trip and you get to enjoy the sights. The last time I was in Warri it was a completely different experience so Im glad I got to experience the more fun side of Warri.

In the fifth part, I take you along with me to a shopping party I hosted for my clothing line, B-Fly, in Portharcourt. Really appreciate all my friends and family that came through and that have patronised my business. 

Also special shoutout to The 1124Place for letting me use their space and Virtuz Studios for capturing the beautiful memories 

In the sixth part, I take you along with me to a family day out at Pleasure Park

And in the finale, I take you along with me to our family new year party. Watch till the end for a beautiful display

Hope you enjoy the Christmas series despite how late it is.

Love always,


Omar Vlogged Easter 2020

Hey Fam!

Hope everyone had a great easter break. Im glad I got to spend it with family and that we had a good day regardless of all thats going on in the world.

As you can see in this video Ill soon turn my nephew into a videographer.

@MahdamCooks muffin recipe

  • 1½ cup flour
  • 1 tea spoon baking powder
  • ½ tea spoon baking soda
  • ¼ tea spoon salt
  • 1 cup sugar
  • ⅓ cup melted butter (with a bit of oil as shown in the video)
  • 1 cup full cream milk (can also use evaporated milk)
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tea spoon vanilla essence / 1 tea spoon vanilla extract

** Mix wet ingredients separately and sieve dry ingredients before mixing all the ingredients together**

Place in pre-heated oven and bake for 20 mins

Stay safe y’all and don’t forget the reason for the season.

Love always,

Walking For Mental Health Awareness

Hey Fam!

In this vlog I take you along with me to the awareness walk hosted by Neem Foundation in collaboration with Y4Y foundation. If you recall I participated in a mental health campaign for them last year.

I know this period of self isolation can have a negative effect on mental health so if you’re struggling please be sure to reach out to one of the organisations posted at the end of the video. You don’t have to handle it all on your own! Stay safe y’all

Love always,