Keeping Things Private

Hey Fam!

This week is officially my last week numbering my vlogs. As you’ll hear in this video I recently had to delete one of my favourite vlogs and so it was further confirmation that I need to just let the journey flow and stop trying to itemise it. I also open up about one of the biggest dilemma’s I face as a vlogger. Please share your thoughts on this

PS the Rungas Giveaway has officially launched.

Rungas Group in collaboration with B. E. E Initiative have launched a N450,000 relief fund for those who have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Share your story using the hashtag #RungasReliefChallenge and stand a chance of winning. Click the link to learn how to enter the giveaway ??????

Please apply or share with someone who might need this

Love always,

Aku xxx

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